Most of our training is specifically designed to meet the needs of organizations, communities and individuals. We travel across the country to offer programs that lead participants through carefully planned exercises, group dialogues and lectures. Contact us at 856 235-2664 or to discuss your diversity training needs.

Our training is unique because it is grounded in the ideals of anti-oppression and compassion. We believe that the best training develops from a keen understanding of how racism, sexism, classism and other forms of oppression harm individuals because of their memberships in groups. We also believe that training must inspire compassion for others—compassion that fuels both empathy and action.

Our training emphasizes cultural self-knowledge. When training participants understand how their own values, beliefs and assumptions influence their world views and behaviors, they can go beyond mere tolerance of others to true respect for cultural differences.

The Center also offers workshops in New Jersey that are open for anyone to attend. Please check our Workshops page for upcoming classes.