Pamela Sims Jones
Pamela is a consultant in leadership development. She previously served as the director for Leadership Trenton, and as deputy director of the New Jersey Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Commission. Pamela brings insights about community organizing and race issues to the board.

Mario Battista
Mario is a critical care nurse with Kennedy University Hospitals. Before joining Kennedy, he was a small business owner for fifteen years. Mario brings insights about diversity and healthcare to the board.

Michael Foncannon
Michael is a vice president and senior trust advisor with PNC Wealth Management. He previously served as chief trust officer with the Merrill Lynch Trust Company and global head of the Merrill Lynch Bank of America LGBT Affinity Group. Michael brings insights about LGBTQ issues to the board.

Jane Tong
Jane is an attorney in private practice in Oradell, New Jersey. She has served on the River Dell, New Jersey Board of Education and the New Jersey School Boards Association Executive Committee. Jane brings insights about the Asian Pacific Islander community and the biracial community to the board.

Janice Coffey
Janice is a critical care nurse with Kennedy University Hospitals. She has served as a religious education teacher for St. Peter Celestine Roman Catholic Parish in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and as a volunteer for the Cherry Hill, Parent Teacher Association. Janice brings insights on education and healthcare to the board.