The Anti-Racist Cookbook

A Recipe Guide for Conversations About Race That Goes Beyond Covered Dishes and “Kum-Bah-Ya”
By Robin Parker and Pamela Smith Chambers

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Not since the Civil Rights era of the ‘60s and ‘70s has there been such attention paid to issues centered on race and oppression. Now more than ever it is necessary to engage in meaningful conversations and productive dialogue. Yet wading into such authentic interactions can often be intimidating. If not executed properly, discussions can result in misunderstandings at best – or heated, circular arguments at worst. How do we begin the dialogue? The Anti-Racist Cookbook offers effective, practical answers.

Includes FREE 2020 supplements, with updated current events content, plus tips for facilitating video discussions.

Why The Anti-Racist Cookbook Is Important

  • Conversations about current local and national events centered on race and racism are key to solving America’s racial inequities and building truly inclusive communities, workplaces, and schools. The Anti-Racist Cookbook gives ordinary people ways to initiate such conversations. The authors reveal insights from their lengthy experience as facilitators of cross-race discussions.
  • Research shows that conversations about race among diverse individuals reduce ignorance, prejudice, and anger, and deepen cross-race relationships. The Anti-Racist Cookbook offers an easy-to-use guide for talking about what has been called “the hardest topic to discuss in our society.”
  • Creating meaningful cross-race conversations will help make real this country’s fundamental principles of justice, equality, opportunity and racial inclusion for all. The Anti-Racist Cookbook turns talk into action through conversational recipes and intervention strategies that can positively change the climate for diversity where people live and work.

Praise for The Anti-Racist Cookbook

“Race relations continues to be an important, pervasive, and difficult social issue in this opening decade of 21st century America… The Anti-Racist Cookbook [offers] basic information on the problem of race relations and the authors’ approaches and philosophy. It then goes on to provide practical, applicable information on how to organize and facilitate a small-group discussion on race. There are separate chapters devoted to focusing on an individual’s cultural background and early messages about race and ethnicity; the different emotional experiences of race in everyday life and what work individuals can do to improve race relations; conversational oriented intervention strategies that individuals can use to combat prejudiced comments or statements that derail interracial understanding. The Anti-Racist Cookbook is ideal for community activists and non-specialist general readers with an interest in helping themselves, their families, friends, neighbors, and communities in successfully dealing with race relations issues.”

—Midwest Book Review

“Rarely do books offer practical advice on how we can all begin to challenge racism in our personal and professional lives. But that is just what The Antiracist Cookbook does, and amazingly well at that. Here are steps that anyone can take–some fairly basic, others more advanced, but all worthwhile–which, if implemented by more people in this country, would begin to move our culture and its institutions away from the inequity and unfairness which have too often been their hallmarks. I recommend it for activists, educators, and anyone else interested in answering the question “what can we do and how can we do it?”

Tim Wise, author, White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son

The Great White Elephant

A Workbook on Racial Privilege for White Anti-Racists
By Robin Parker and Pamela Smith Chambers

  • Innovative…Practical…Timely
  • Great Supplemental Text for College Classes
  • Perfect Resource for Diversity Training
  • A Must-Read—Like No Other Work on Racial Privilege

The Great White Elephant brings new insights to racial privilege. Although “racial privilege” is not a new term in diversity studies, the authors, Robin Parker and Pamela Smith Chambers, point out an essential truth: “As a society, we don’t want to talk about racial privilege.” In fact, they say that we don’t want to talk about why we don’t want to talk about it. Thus, it becomes the proverbial “’elephant in the room,’ that loudly trumpets over our conversations, knocks over all the furniture that would otherwise provide a comfortable place for us to meet, and sends people…running for safety.”

Parker and Chambers take this difficult topic and teach valuable lessons of hope and change. Through provocative exercises like an analysis of the Cinderella fairy tale, or examining societal rules of denial, readers find wholly new ways to think about race and race relations. The workbook offers a practical and engaging foundation on racial privilege, and a resource that stimulates thinking and encourages readers to become active participants in the solution to one of the thorniest issues confronting our workplaces, schools, and communities.

The Great White Elephant shines as a book for individuals just starting to learn about racial privilege and for established diversity practitioners. It features:

  • In-book exercises
  • An emphasis on experiential learning and personal reflection
  • A new mental model for addressing racial privilege
  • Instruction on how one “Big Question” can change racial awareness

50 pages, 8.5 X 11, paperback, comb binding, reading list, note pages

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