Quickening of Compassion® Cards

Change the World With Just One Card

These days, our interactions are often divisive—without any sincere attempts at understanding one another. The result: people act without kindness, empathy, or respect for others. Quickening of Compassion Cards are a tool to change that. The cards harness the power of compassion through photographs, meditations, and action steps, all designed to help you create a more compassionate world.

Tool for Action

Quickening of Compassion Cards will:

  • Inspire deeper thinking about our history and ourselves.
  • Promote productive conversations on difficult issues – immigration, discrimination, and poverty.
  • Generate new ideas about social justice.
  • Provide specific activities you can use to practice compassion.

What is on the Cards

There are 26 two-sided cards that will be delivered to you in pdf format. Copies of the cards are also included in the accompanying Study Guide (also delivered in pdf format).

The front of the cards features a stirring image and a caption describing the picture. The back of the cards offer a thought-provoking meditation and a suggested action step. (Click here for more detailed view.)

How to Use the Cards

You can use the Quickening of Compassion Cards alone or in a group setting. Compassion asks us to live up to our best values, and the cards can help.

Quickening of Compassion Cards are great conversation starters for people interested in authentic dialog. With practice and through compassion, you can open your heart – even to people with whom you strongly disagree. Compassion asks us to live up to our best values and Compassion Cards can help the process.

Ideal for Discussion Groups

  • Faith-based settings
  • Diversity workshops
  • High school classrooms
  • Social justice activities

Study Guide Included

A 57-page Study Guide provides detailed instructions on using the cards.

The Study Guide includes the following sections:

  • Using the Study Guide
  • Understanding Compssion
  • Discussion Exercises
  • Action Exercises
  • Common Themes
  • Card Background Information Questions

Buy the Cards and Study Guide (electronic download)

Price: $5.50

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