Red Box Diversity System

Onsite & Self-Administered Diversity Training for Organizations

The Red Box Diversity System is a program of twelve educational modules that improve employee diversity skills. To use the system, every employee in an organization receives a box of eleven exercises. Each month employees complete a single new exercise that takes no more than 30 minutes to finish. During the twelfth month, employees meet in small groups for discussions and planning. The Red Box Diversity System allows all staff members to contribute to the diversity change efforts and offers the flexibility required to meet the needs of employees in all parts of the organization.

The Red Box Diversity System accomplishes three primary goals: (1) high quality diversity education that takes place over a whole year; (2) a system that is easy for organizations to administer; and (3) learning that is employee self-directed, flexible and enjoyable.

The system offers a lower cost per employee than diversity workshops or even online training programs. In fact, the more employees you have, the lower your per employee cost.

The Red Box Diversity System involves three easy steps:

    Step 1: Employees receive a box of diversity exercises and attend a brief seminar that explains how to use the system.

    Step 2: Employees complete the Red Box Diversity System exercises – one per month – over the next 11 months. Each exercise takes only 30 minutes to complete.

    Step 3: During the twelfth month, employees meet in small groups to reflect on the year’s activities, discuss new diversity goals and complete evaluations.

The Red Box Diversity System offers an approach to learning about workplace diversity that is unique and available only from the Beyond Diversity Resource Center:

  • Engaging and enjoyable program
  • Exercises completed in 30 minutes
  • In-depth exploration on diversity concepts
  • No lectures or training seminars
  • Adapts to fit each organization and each employee
  • Low cost per employee
  • Proven effective for teaching essential diversity skills

Employees will learn and practice the following diversity skills:

  • Cultural self-awareness
  • Empathizing with others
  • Learning by interaction
  • Avoiding Stereotypes
  • Relating to others who are different
  • Being more flexible
  • Tolerating cultural ambiguity
  • Knowledge of how culture shapes world view
  • Learning about other cultures
  • Being less judgmental
  • Communicating more effectively
  • Listening and observing others
  • Adjusting to feedback from others
  • Being appropriately consistent

The Red Box Diversity System not only teaches diversity skills, but how to develop those skills so they “fit” each individual’s unique work setting and job function. Employees become empowered with flexible thinking strategies they can use to address diversity effectively as they encounter new situations and interact with others.

To receive an information packet about the Red Box Diversity System, please send an email request to or call the Beyond Diversity Resource Center at 856 235-2664.