Deepen DEI With Anti-Oppression Principles:

A Free Workshop for Higher Ed. Professionals

Date: December 8, 2023

Time: 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern

Where: On Zoom

Do you want to be on the leading edge of the work in diversity, equity and inclusion? If you are a higher education professional working on DEI, this free, 60-minute workshop, Deepen DEI With Anti-Oppression Principles, is for you.

Attending this workshop will offer you three takeaways:

  1. Discover hidden societal/organizational values that work against DEI efforts (and ways to address the resistance).
  2. Learn how anti-oppression principles attract new energy to DEI.
  3. Gain insight on how complexity thinking makes DEI efforts stick.

DEI staff members in higher education have a difficult job. DEI issues are complicated, support may be sporadic, and bringing about institutional change is challenging. While there are few simple answers to the complex issues that DEI staff must address, innovative approaches can make a great difference. This workshop will highlight those approaches and offer new insights to help DEI practitioners thrive and build a more compassionate campus environment.

At the workshop, you’ll meet members of the Beyond Diversity Resource Center team who have addressed these issues and more. We’ll talk about building “exceptional spaces” and “pockets of justice” within your institution that help DEI flourish. 

To register for the workshop, please click the link below. You’ll be taken to our Eventbrite page to enter your information and receive a Zoom link for the webinar. Please join us for a great learning experience.

Click here to register.

Your presenters will be members of Beyond Diversity’s higher education team—professionals with wide experience in leading change in colleges and universities across the country. This workshop will be informal and interactive. We especially look forward to sharing our views on how compassion can play a pivotal role in enhancing DEI efforts in higher education.