While most of our work is with nonprofit, community, government, and educational organizations, this summer we’re offering two great workshops that are open to everyone. We hope you will attend.

Our workshops in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, are within easy traveling distance of the Philadelphia International Airport. There are reasonably-priced hotels near our training site, the Westfield Friends Meeting House, in Cinnaminson.

Summer Institute on Race
July 29 through August 1, 2019 (Monday through Thursday)
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (all days)
Westfield Friends Meeting House
Cinnaminson NJ (near Philadelphia)

Race has been called “the great American obsession” and has shaped the lives of people in our society for hundreds of years. Even today race strongly influences life expectancy, quality of healthcare, income, wealth, job opportunities, incarceration rates, quality of education, and much more. Race also changes how we interact with one another, and the things we say—and don’t say—about this taboo topic. The Beyond Diversity Summer Institute offers ways to positively change racial dynamics in the places where we live and work.

You are invited to an educational setting in which participants from diverse backgrounds explore race and build community across racial differences. The Institute will be interactive and highly participatory. Activities will include a trip to Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center and Chinatown.

In the Beyond Diversity Summer Institute you will learn:

  • The profound impact of early messages about race.
  • How racial privilege affects individual and group interactions.
  • Why power relationships change cross-race relationships.
  • How the history of race shapes current attitudes and behaviors.
  • How racial ideology influences individual and institutional behavior.
  • The effects of internalized racial superiority and oppression.
  • Action planning and strategies to address race and racism.

This course is open to everyone; however, it is eligible for three credits toward a Graduate Certificate in Diversity from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Please visit the UCCS website for more information on separate costs and other requirements for the certificate program: Participants pursuing the graduate certificate will have an additional essay assignment required for their grades.

Tuition: $600

Or download the registration form for the Summer Institute on Race (PDF)
(Adobe Acrobat Required)

Race and Rage: A Workshop About a Taboo Topic

Coming This Summer—
To the West Coast—
Watch for More Information

Race and rage are topics as old as the resettlement of America. Since the first colonists stepped onto land, people have struggled with anger for one another across racial divides. Today that legacy continues.

This workshop focuses on building genuine cross-race communication by learning about race and rage—topics rarely discussed and hardly ever addressed. In a setting of safety (but not comfort), we will explode old ideas of what rage really means and discuss how we can think of rage in ways that are liberating and constructive.

Get new insights that will change your understanding—and reduce your fear—of race and rage. For people seeking to build better cross-race relationships, this workshop may be of special interest.

  • This workshop is for pioneering individuals who are willing to work through emotionally difficult topics with bravery and compassion.
  • People of color and white people will work together and in caucuses to discuss race and rage to uncover deeper meaning and life-changing strategies and ideas.
  • We encourage a diverse group of people to register for the workshop.

We will discuss how rage about race is triggered in everyday situations, and how people have been socialized to react to that rage. The workshop will especially focus on
deconstructing cultural narratives that promote unhealthy reactions to rage so that participants can replace old ideas about rage as being dangerous and pathological with new insights about rage as being normal, enlivening and constructive.

Tuition: $500

Or download the registration form for Race and Rage (PDF)
(Adobe Acrobat Required)”