—Learning About Anti-Racism

The COVID-19 pandemic prevents us from hosting in-person training, but we will nevertheless hold a Virtual, Two-Day Spring Institute on Race that will be lively and interactive. Please read about the Institutes below and sign up.

Virtual, Two-Day Spring Institute on Race

May 3 and 4, 2021
11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern (both days)
Webinar Hosted on Zoom

Race has been called “the great American obsession” and has shaped the lives of people in our society for hundreds of years. Even today race strongly influences life expectancy, quality of healthcare, income, wealth, job opportunities, incarceration rates, quality of education, and much more. Race also changes how we interact with one another, and the things we say—and don’t say—about this taboo topic. The Winter Institute on Race offers ways to positively change racial dynamics in the places where we live and work.

You are invited to virtual educational setting (we will use the Zoom platform) in which participants explore race and build a sense of community across racial differences. The Institute will be interactive and highly participatory. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the racial tensions that arose in the United States last spring and summer, and the failure of the society to address long-standing structural racism and racial inequities.

In the Virtual, Two-Day Spring Institute on Race you will learn:

  • The profound impact of early messages about race.
  • How racial privilege affects individual and group interactions. 
  • Why power relationships change cross-race relationships.
  • How the history of race shapes current attitudes and behaviors. 
  • How racial ideology influences individual and institutional behavior.
  • The effects of internalized racial superiority and oppression.
  • Action planning and strategies to address race and racism.

People find the Institutes on Race not only informative but often life-changing. Insights from the Institute open individuals to new ways of seeing the world and and making lasting change. Join us for this unique learning opportunity. 

Note: For the best learning experience, participants should join the Institute on a computer or tablet that has speaker and microphone capabilities. Please have your cell phone available, however; you will use it for some activities.

Registration Fee for the Spring Institute: $150

Special Note: If you are registering another person for the Institute or if you are registering multiple people, please send us an email ( with the name and email of each person you would like to register. We’ll send registration information to them and copy you.

Refunds are available only if Beyond Diversity cancels the Institute.

Click here to download a course brochure for the Spring Institute.