Adjunct Trainers

Valorie Caffee
Valorie is a lifelong social justice activist who has worked to promote human rights. Her work has focused on anti-racism, environmental justice and women’s rights.

Jessica Pettitt
Jessica is a diversity educator and the principle in the organization, I am…Social Justice, which provides seminars, including those on transgender inclusion and advocacy.

Debbie Vermaat
Debbie is a municipal court mediator and anti-racism trainer. She served on the Camden County Human Relations Commission.

Jamie Washington
Jamie is the President of Washington Consulting Group, which provides training services in organizational and leadership development.

Rose Williams
Rose is the Social Justice Administrator at the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women. She helps domestic violence agencies improve their services to marginalized communities.

Jorge Zeballos
Jorge is the Executive Director of the Center for Diversity and Innovation at Kellogg Community College. Jorge’s training has an emphasis on race in the Latino community.

Sara Zesski
Sara is a Victim Advocate in the Office of Victim Witness Advocacy in the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office.She is a specialist on domestic violence and her social justice work centers around women and people with disabilities.